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Puna woman sentenced to five years probation for growing marijuana


Prosecuting Attorney Charlene Y. lboshi announced today that:

On November 20, 2012, Third Circuit Court Judge Glenn S. Hara rejected the request by Puna resident Shonna Soares, 36, to defer her guilty plea to one count of promoting a detrimental drug in the first degree and sentenced her to 5 years probation for that offense. As part of her probation sentence, she was also required to serve 60 days in jail, pay a drug demand reduction fee in the amount of $1,000, and forfeit all firearms and ammunition. Her request to delay serving her jail sentence until after the holidays was denied.

Investigation by the Hawaii Police Department revealed that marijuana plants were growing on real property occupied by Shonna Soares. On August 1, 2011, police officers executed a search warrant authorizing them to search the premises for marijuana. From the real property occupied by Shonna Soares, police officers recovered 69 marijuana plants. Additional marijuana plants were found on the vacant lots adjoining her property. Police officers also seized 7 unregistered firearms and ammunition from the premises.

As a result of this investigation, police officers also seized for forfeiture $5,000 in cash, a 2006 Ford F-350 truck, a 2007 Kawasaki Mule, a 2000 Harley Davidson Replica motorcycle, and two large flat screen televisions, all of which were forfeited to the State of Hawaii in a separate administrative forfeiture proceeding.

Promoting a detrimental drug in the first degree is a class “C” felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.00.

19 Responses to “Puna woman sentenced to five years probation for growing marijuana”

  1. Plant Dope. Harvest Ice. says:

    Judge Hara, which planet are you living on?! This woman is an armed drug producer since years. Taking her guns, giving 2 months jail and a 1k fine is nothing for her.

    Good job on confiscating her illegally gained property though.

    • Ken says:

      Actually, she served 30 more days than the Fireman who murdered Tim Sing while DRUNK.
      So – this should be looked upon as a really harsh sentence considering she did not murder anybody!

      • Plant Dope. Harvest Ice. says:

        Having guns with the intend to kill + growing, selling illegal substances is equivalent to planned premeditated murder for profits.

        • Ken says:

          But actually killing someone, while driving, while drunk, cleary does not mean anything – to you or to our legal system. Ole Drunk Fireman should have been locked up for life, but, because he was only drunk when he actually murdered someone, he got 30 days, to be served only on weekends.
          In a twist of further ironic and typcial excuse used, Ole Drunk Fireman tried to use the excuse that the guy he murdered was also drunk too!
          And even further ironically, ole Drunk Fireman also asked for a delay in serving. At least we have consistency in denial for that request.

          • Plant Dope. Harvest Ice. says:

            I don’t defend any kind of DUI.

            You however prefer to be killed by illegal drug users.

          • Ken says:

            No – never said that.
            The chances that you will be killed by a drunk driver are far better than an illegal drug grower/user.
            And, just as your religious beliefs require you to believe that rape is “gods will,” you prefer to have a criminal justice system that says if a black man robs a store, all black men are robbers.

          • Plant Dope. Harvest Ice. says:

            2012 Numbers in Hawaii County DUI fatalities prove you wrong:
            10 dead by drunk & drugged driving
            9 dead by drugged driving
            4 dead by drunk driving.

            You seem to have a thing about black men, god and rape, don’t you?

          • Ken says:

            Its your religious views that have to deal with the black man and rape. As well as supporting a criminal justice system that assumes guilt instead of proves it.
            I am just pointing them out.
            Your numbers do not state what the drugs were. There is no distinction between legal or illegal.
            One could have been hopped up on meth, or equally hopped up on a prescription pain killer due to a work related injury.
            But needless to say, facts become a fuzzy math equation to you.
            You should look at the number of drunk driving arrests along with “drugged” driving arrests to ascertain what your real odds of being killed truly are.
            Again, that would require you to think. Something you have proven time after time you are truly incapable of.
            In the mean time, here comes Alfred – home from a bar and he’s really mad cause his old lady told him to come home!

          • Plant Dope. Harvest Ice. says:

            Black man quip again. Ever dawned on you that my properly tropical sun adapted pigments would blow your wrinkled mainland reddishness out of the water? And would explain why I come down a tad harsher on illegal drug promoters from the mainland than they are used to? Of course I can’t ‘think’. Am bad with math, prone to rape, fall for religion. We dark ones all are in your world.

            But good enough to buy your “illegal drugs should be legal” mantra.

          • Ken says:

            Again, those comprehension skills you lack. It is YOU that promotes the justice system of presumed guilt, instead of proven guilt.

          • Plant Dope. Harvest Ice. says:

            can’t expect you to take every bait, but worth a try….

          • Ken says:

            At last, you admit your life goal – to bait someone into thinking like you!

          • Plant Dope. Harvest Ice. says:

            I got you into learning something about jpegs, didn’t I?

            See, you can teach new tricks to an old pony.

          • Ken says:

            I have known about “jpegs” for over 3 decades now. Did you note, I picked a “jpeg” avatar of something you don’t have the guts to defend or do anything about!

          • Plant Dope. Harvest Ice. says:

            You meant this? I agree, now that it is a tad clearer.

          • Ken says:

            No, I meant what I said in the other post, but you need to reply to one post on a totally different post.

            This is what I said and this is what I mean:

  2. Souperman says:

    I can not believe people still refer to marijuana like its worse than alcohol. The only reasons marijuana is not already legal like alcohol is because it’s easier to produce making it harder to control taxation.

    • Plant Dope. Harvest Ice. says:

      Worse? Equally bad? Not quite as bad? What does it matter–it’s just an ADDITIONAL way to get hammered, demotivated, paranoid, unable to hold a job, getting hooked on, drop out of school, waste money on, etc.

      Whatever tax revenue might make it into the IRS coffers will be used to fight drugged driving, teenage prevention, testing, therapy and all those little details dope heads simply ignore.

      The drug got so much stronger through the last 40 years, yet the arguments to legalize are as loopy as ever.

      • Ken says:

        What is really loopy, is the 13,000 Americans killed by drunk drivers every year.

        And all you can say and do about it is condemn a pot smoker.

        While at the same time, drinking a cold beer!

        Hypocrisy clearly is your middle name!


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