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Contest to name three baby dolphins


Keo’s little gal touched the hearts of millions, coming into the world as a YouTube viral video sensation. Now she needs a name, and so do her two newest dolphin baby playmates!

Dolphin Quest is inviting dolphin friends and fans to help us name our three newest baby dolphins, born at Dolphin Quest Hawaii, located at the Hilton Waikoloa Village on Hawaii’s Big Island. Moms Keo, Kona and Pele and their calves are all healthy and doing fine.

Dolphin baby name suggestions can be submitted in person at Dolphin Quest Hawaii or online. The latest updates and photos of the moms and calves can be found on the Dolphin Quest Facebook page.

Name suggestions should be a Hawaiian word, that may represent a quality, a person, place or thing related to Hawaii, or reflect the baby dolphin’s personality.

For example, Keo’s name is Hawaiian for Joanne, Kona is named after a town on Hawaii’s Big Island, and Pele is named after the Hawaiian goddess of the volcano.

Nimbus, the father of the three calves, was born in Bermuda, and he is named after the Nimbus rain clouds which are often dolphin-grey in color.

Michelle Campbell, Director of Animal Management for Dolphin Quest, had this to say about the personalities of the newest Dolphin Quest family members:

“Keo’s calf continues to steal the limelight as the golden child, surpassing training milestones with ease. She’s bright, alert and a bit rotund!”

“Pele’s little guy is a momma’s boy who sticks close to her side. He mimics his mother’s qualities of calm and curious. He is so very mellow and melts into the arms of our trainers in moments of interaction.”

“Kona’s little one marches to the beat of his own drum. He is full of spark and energy; an adventurous one ready to take on the world.”

The first person to submit the dolphin name chosen for each of Dolphin Quest’s new babies will receive an amazing in-water dolphin swim for two at Dolphin Quest Hawaii and a photo CD of the experience.

Entries will be accepted until Dec. 14.

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