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Big Island Arbor Day sales (Nov. 2)


Celebrate Arbor Day in Hawaii and “go green” by purchasing and planting a native plant from the Arbor Day plant sale Friday, Nov. 2 at Department of Land and Natural Resources’ Division of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW) nurseries on the Big Island.

Planting a native plant celebrates the forests that are fundamental to our way of life. Hawaii’s native forests provide the islands’ water supply by absorbing large quantities of moisture from passing clouds and rainfall.

These watershed forests reduce greenhouse gases and flooding, erosion, and siltation of reefs and fisheries. Native plants also have cultural significance, regarded as elders and ancestors, or used for medicines, offerings, or other material needs.

Learn more about these incredible and unique plants at the Big Island sales, which run 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

In Hilo the plant sale is at the DOFAW baseyard at 19 E. Kawili St. (corner of Kawili St. and Kilauea Ave.). Phone 974-4221.

In Waimea, the sale is at the DOFAW Waimea office at 66-1220A Lalamilo Road. Call 887-6061.

A few of the native species that will be available are: koa, koaia, ohia, hame, kokio (hibiscus), alahee, pohinahina, sandalwood, and loulu.

A few of the non-native species that will be available are: puakenikeni, Sugi pines, ylang ylang, gardenia, shower tree, and Podocarpus.

The cost of plant species will range from $1 each for dibble tube seedlings to $15 each for 3-gallon pots. There are no limits on quantities purchased and all sales are on a cash only basis.

Plant sales will feature native and non-native plants raised at DOFAW nurseries that are popular with gardeners and landscapers.

Proceeds will be used to support nursery operations and forest management.

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