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Hawaii executive to chair national network for nonprofits


Independent Sector, a leadership network for nonprofit organizations, foundations and corporate giving programs, recently appointed Hawaii-native Kelvin Taketa, president and CEO of Hawaii Community Foundation, as its board chair.

As an organization striving to advance the common good in America, Independent Sector works towards promoting public policies and serves as an advocate for the philanthropic community.

Kelvin Taketa

“Though we are thousands of miles from the mainland, it is important to stay connected with the public policies and changes occurring in our sector across the nation,” Taketa said.

“Ultimately, these are the changes that will also affect us here in Hawaii. It’s essential that we keep an open dialogue by sharing the challenges and successes we’ve experienced locally, while learning about the trends and issues nationally,” he said. “In this way, I believe we can make an even greater impact in our community.”

Independent Sector is located in Washington D.C. and works nationally to create opportunities through its partnerships with approximately 600 organizations to lead, strengthen, and mobilize the nonprofit and philanthropic community.

Together the coalition seeks to foster a just and inclusive society where citizens and institutions can work together to develop healthy and vibrant communities.

Since the organization was founded in 1980, Independent Sector has sponsored revolutionary research, supported public policies within the independent sector, and created invaluable resources for organizations to achieve these goals.

“We are honored to have Kelvin as our new chairman and know that he will provide invaluable counsel and leadership to the board and the Independent Sector network,” said Diana Aviv, president of Independent Sector. “As an organization determined to make an impact in as many communities across the nation as possible, we believe having the unique perspectives of highly-respected leaders, such as Kelvin, is absolutely vital to our growth and success.”

Taketa brings more than 30 years of experience in the nonprofit sector and joined Independent Sector’s Board in 2007 as an opportunity to be a part of the network and advocate for nonprofit organizations, foundations, and corporate giving programs nationwide.

Hawaii Community Foundation is also a member of Independent Sector, joining in 2006. Since then, the Foundation has gained a better understanding of the current trends and issues in the nonprofit sector nationally, which provides valuable context for Hawaii Community Foundation, as well as for the local community.

Hawaii Community Foundation is a public, statewide, charitable services, and grant-making organization supported by donor contributions for the benefit of Hawaii’s people.

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