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Stanis has completed 165 miles over 8 days

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Friday, Oct. 26
The Best is Yet to Come

My good friend and ground support, Sheryl told me when she joined us in Hilo that, “the best is yet to come.”

I laughed and thought, “yeah right; I’m f*#ing tired!” But SHE WAS TOTALLY RIGHT!! I’ve now run 165 miles over 8 days, and feel great.

Friday, I ran from Volcano National Forest to Pahala. The morning air was crisp and cool when I began, and heated up as time went on.

I expected a long day of lava fields and desert, but what I encountered was beautiful alpine-like forest that reminded me of my home state of California.

My energy was good, and I made good time to Pahala– arriving before noon and the hottest part of the day. Good thing I had a wonderful “zero day” Thursday, and rested well in Volcano.

At the historic Kilauea Lodge in Volcano, enjoyed a much deserved rest day breakfast. The server and cooks were so kind — serving me an abundance of fresh veggies with hash browns and gluten free toast- yum!

After breakfast, we stretched out our legs at the National Park, explored lava fields and generally enjoyed the beautiful day.

Best of all, I got to put my feet up!!

Volcano is such a spectacular place, and we couldn’t have ended up here at a better time. The caldera is very active right now — viewing was wonderful — especially at night! Spooky!

In Volcano, my host was Xanthe. She was my babysitter when I was a kid, and now hosted me on my running journey (how we both ended up living in Hawaii is amazing).

Conversation over meals centered around the good life in Hawaii, swimming, running, good food and my causes I’m supporting in this run: PATH, and Hawaii Conservation Alliance.

This whole journey has really proven to me the importance of preserving and creating trails and paths in Hawaii — This is one of the most geologically, historically, and ecologically fascinating places; and people love to explore it; but our trail system really leaves something to be desired! Traveling south, however, was relatively quiet and calm — this area is less trafficked with wider shoulders.

The day’s mostly level and downhill run offered not only beautiful scenery, but a chance to really appreciate my legs, my body and my mind for getting me this far!

As I was approaching the southern part of the island, my favorite song, “Own It” by Black Eyed Peas played on my iPod, nearly making me cry! I can hardly believe I’ve made it this far, and have only 80 miles back to Kona!

We celebrated making it this far south with lunch at the southernmost restaurant in the U.S. — I feel revived and ready for tomorrow after all the fresh Hawaii veggies and fruit, hydration, a visit to Black Sands Beach and …

Thursday, Oct. 25
Running Through the Rain Forest!

These past two days of running have been divine! From Akaka Falls to Hilo and then to Volcano is some of the most lush and verdant forests of Hawaii.

Wednesday, I ran 10 miles from the Palms Cliff House Inn near Akaka Falls to the downtown Hilo. My friend and total inspiration, Ellis; who is training for the upcoming Ultraman Championship, accompanied me for the run after biking 100 miles to Akaka Falls from Kona to meet me at the day before. It was great to have the company and motivation of such an amazing athlete.

Once we arrived in Hilo, we wandered the town, eating and drinking and chatting, before meeting my great friend and ground support from here on out, Sheryl.

Sheryl is amazing! Starting with today’s run from Hilo to Volcano, she’s my car ground support — carrying all the snacks, water, changes of clothes that I could ever need.

This morning, right after the farmer’s market! We fueled up on veggies on fruit for the next few days: celery, greens, papayas, bananas and tangerines; oh my!!

At the market, we met up with Colby and Mike, two Hilo runners; said our goodbye’s to Ellis who was heading back to Kona by bike and departed for a misty and cool 15 mile run!

It was a joy to have company for the run, and we had such great conversation and mutual inspiration on the run! Thanks guys!

I took an hour long reprieve by a church (please Lord let my legs recover!).

After 15 tough miles, my prayers were answered and I ran into the town of Volcano and rest! The Kilauea lodge restaurant was closed, but I’ve been resting quite well at my host’s house quite comfortably!

I am so amazing at the kindness and generosity I have experienced this trip. I had moments running today, where I just felt so thankful and happy to have landed here on the Big Island. So much aloha!

Monday, Oct. 22
30 Miles To a Bit of Heaven

Wow, I thought I knew what tired feels like! I ran my long, 30 mile run Monday from Honokaa to the Palms Cliff House Inn near Akaka Falls, and I’m near beat!!

Yup, this is about all I’m capable of doing right now! (This is actually me at Waikoloa after my first 21 miles of the journey). Fortunately, after such an tiring run, I arrived in a slice of pure paradise here on the eastern coast of the Big Island.

Ah, relaxation and rejuvenation. The very first thing I did was take a cold shower. It was a crazy hot day, with headwind, and I descended and then climbed about four gulches, and this is all on pretty tired and already achey muscles.

But, the run was through some of the most scenic and awe-inspiring parts of Hawaii; and something switched in my brain to simply make me run, run, run.

So, it was a challenge, and my body and mind are both feeling a bit taxed. And this is what rest and relaxation are for. I’m hydrating with salted water, napping, snacking and resting. Tuesday’s run is a straightforward and mostly shaded 10 mile run into Hilo, where I’ll stay at a friend’s house, so I can rest all day and start out late.

One last word for the day: I’m running for a couple very important causes; Hawaii Conservation Alliance and PATH, People’s Advocacy for Trails Hawaii, and I want to give a SERIOUS shout out to PATH and the vital work they do.

The roads out there are dangerous, no doubt. There are parts of our windy roads here with no shoulder, and drivers often speed, text while driving or are otherwise distracted.

With so many of us on the roads; bikers, runners, and walkers enjoying Hawaii’s beauty, we need to build more connecting trails and paths, expand our shoulders and make the roads safer for recreation.

Here in Hawaii, we live on paradise on earth, and we want to enjoy it in all it’s bounties. Let’s work together to create a healthier and safer Big Island!

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