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Governor releases $91.9M for CIPs


Gov. Neil Abercrombie has announced the release of more than $91.9 million for various Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) across the state selected for their potential to immediately address priority work while stimulating the local economy and generating job opportunities.

“Our strategy to stimulate job creation and reinvigorate our economy is working,” Abercrombie said. “Since the start of 2012, my administration has released more than $841.8 million for CIPs, including these newly released funds.”

Wednesday, the state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations announced the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Hawaii has continued to improve, falling to 5.7 percent in September from 6.1 percent in August.

The last time Hawaii had an unemployment rate this low was in December 2008, during the early stages of the recession.

Allotment of funds for the following priority projects, identified by members of the state Legislature, has been approved by the governor:


* $10,000,000 – ADA compliance for various state and federal projects, statewide – Construction to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act for various state and federal public housing projects primarily on Hawaii Island, Kauai, Oahu; specific projects include Hale Aloha O Puna, Lokahi, Pomaikai, Hui O Hanamaulu, Kalaheo Homes, and Palolo Valley Homes

* $5,600,000 – Mayor Wright Homes, Oahu – Design and construction for additional renovations and improvements, including exterior painting, removal of solar water heater equipment, roof replacement, concrete spalling repairs, abatement of lead-based paint and asbestos, and other projects

* $5,000,000 – Palolo Valley Homes, Oahu – Design and construction for phase 2 of physical improvements at Palolo Valley Homes, which consists of 20 residential buildings (Phase 1 was the full remodeling of 13 of those residential buildings; Phase 2 will renovate the remaining seven, including the complete gutting of the interior space to install new kitchens, bathrooms and windows, and make roadway and parking improvements)

* $2,750,000 – Kuhio Park Terrace, Oahu – Design and construction for roadway and sidewalk repairs

* $2,350,000 – Kaahumanu Homes, Oahu – Design and construction for spall repairs, reroofing, painting, interior renovations, security fencing, and roadway and sidewalk improvements

* $2,000,000 – Pomaikai, Hawaii Island – Design and construction to remodel the facility, including roof replacement, exterior painting and the gutting of the interior space to install new kitchens, baths and windows

* $750,000 – Lanakila Homes, Hawaii Island – Design for renovation of existing buildings at Lanakila Homes, a public housing complex in Hilo that was originally developed in 1962; 62 of the 148 units are boarded up and abandoned, and the project will renovate those 62 units to allow renting to qualifying families

* $700,000 – Kalihi Valley Homes, Oahu – Design for phase IV site and dwelling improvements at Kalihi Valley Homes, which consists of 42 residential buildings and a community center (Phase 1 remodeled 23 of the residential buildings; these funds will finance the design phase to remodel the remaining 19 residential buildings)

* $105,000 – Puahala Homes, Oahu – Design for Phase 1B abatement and modernization of buildings 4, 5 and 6, including interior renovations of the units

* $65,000 – Hauiki Homes, Oahu – Design for site work and roof repairs, including to sidewalk and stairs


* $10,000,000 – Various schools, statewide – Design, construction and required works of art as part of various electrical and telecommunications system improvements (e.g., upgrading electrical transformers and panels, telecommunications systems, electrical outlets, and data ports) and related site work at Pahoa Elementary, Pahoa High and Intermediate, Mountain View Elementary, Keonepoko Elementary, Keaau Middle, and Naalehu Elementary Schools

* $200,000 – Royal Elementary School, Oahu – Design to determine whether the school’s Building C should be renovated or replaced, in addressing structural issues

* $70,000 – Waialua Elementary School, Oahu – Construction to complete the school’s library/media center

* $60,000 – Waipahu High School, Oahu – Upgrades to the electrical system for the school’s Buildings H, G and Q to support current and future electrical needs

University of Hawaii

$12,500,000 – UH Pacific Health Research Laboratory, Oahu – Design and construction for development of a Pacific Health Research Laboratory in Kalaeloa in West Oahu

* $10,000,000 – Kapiolani Community College Culinary Institute of the Pacific, Oahu – Construction at the site of the former U.S. Army Fort Ruger Cannon Club at Diamond Head for Phase I items including a new one-story classroom building, instructional culinary laboratory buildings, support spaces, and outdoor cooking area; the project is needed to expand the college’s new certificate and advanced degree culinary arts programs (the complex will be designed to achieve LEED Silver certification)

* $500,000 – Hawaii Community College, Hawaii Island – Planning as part of a long range development plan for construction of a new campus mauka of Komohana Street in Hilo; HCC currently shares portions of its campus with UH Hilo and has buildings situated at the Manono campus and UH Hilo’s main upper campus.

* $25,000 – UH at Hilo College of Agriculture, Forest and Natural Resource Management (CAFNRM), Hawaii Island – Construction for the CAFNRM bee hive research facility; UH Hilo offers the only credited catalogued beekeeping courses within the UH system, with 25 bee hives at the UH Hilo teaching apiary in Panaewa that are used for hands-on beekeeping laboratories; ongoing projects include controlling the small hive beetle and Varroa mite that threaten Hawaii’s beekeeping industry and diversified agricultural economy; funds will be used to add a fiberglass greenhouse covering with gutters to the existing apiary to protect it and shield 800 square feet of research hive area from rain, common in Panaewa


* $7,486,460 – Honolulu International Airport, Oahu – Construction of the new Elliott Street Support to provide for a new parking lot (asphalt concrete surface) for employee tenants; improvements will include new asphalt pavement, fencing, area lighting, grading, drainage and connection to existing electrical power

* $6,650,000 – Kaumualii Highway, Kauai – Emergency shoreline repair and protection improvements to restore roadway and shoulders along Kaumualii Highway in the vicinity of Kekaha, at M.P. 27, which have been damaged by repeated high surf and wave action

* $6,500,000 – Honolulu Harbor, Oahu – Overall project will develop a new Kapalama Container Facility to support expanding maritime activities in the harbor, as part of the Harbors Modernization Plan; funds will be used to prepare plans, designs, specifications, and cost estimates to construct a new wharf system for the new facility and the associated filling and dredging

* $3,242,000 – Honolulu International Airport, Oahu – Demolition of the Aloha Cargo administration building and Building #156, required to facilitate construction of other hangar and cargo facilities

* $500,000 – Hilo International Airport and Kona International Airport at Keahole, Hawaii Island – Design for improvements at the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Facility stations and planning for a future Regional ARFF training facility

* $250,000 – Statewide Planning and Research (SPR) Program, FY 2012 – Additional plans to fully fund the entire FY 12 SPR program, which is funded using an 80/20 federal-state pro rate formula; this allotment will fulfill the state’s 20 percent matching requirement


* $2,301,000 – Cultural Public Market, Oahu – Planning, land acquisition, design and construction for Phase 1 of the Cultural Public Market in Kakaako Makai; the market is being developed by the Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA) with the cooperation of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, which owns the land under the project

* $1,300,000 – Hawaii State Civil Defense, statewide – Additional design and construction for the continued repair and replacement of State Civil Defense disaster warning sirens statewide in order to prevent warning system failures in case of an emergency

* $750,000 – Hawaii Livestock Slaughterhouse, Oahu – Design, construction and equipment to install a photovoltaic system at the state’s warehouse building located in the Campbell Industrial Park; the new photovoltaic system will substantially reduce electricity costs at the facility

* $193,000 – ICSD Anuenue Radio System, Hawaii Island- Acquisition and installation of communications equipment and antennas for the digital microwave radio link between the Kaupulehu and Humuula radio sites to correct radio frequency interference

* $122,000 – Manoa Public Library, Oahu – Additional construction and required works of art for various health and safety items to complete expansion of the Manoa Public Library, which opened on June 9, 2012

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