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ACLU releases Hawaii Voting Rights Guides


The American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii Foundation has published a set of printable guides to inform Hawaii residents of their rights under the law to participate in the upcoming General Election.

Executive Director Vanessa Chong said: “Voting is a core American value. Itʻs a right, not a privilege. Nationwide, states are dealing with voter suppression tactics on an unprecedented scale. Fortunately, Hawaii leads the nation with some of the most progressive voting laws in the country but it’s important our community be pro-active in protecting such a fundamental right.”

The voting rights guides contain basic information about everyoneʻs right to vote, with special attention to voter I.D. requirements, and the fact that picture I.D. is NOT required to vote in Hawaii – with the new exception of first-time voters.

Other special sections include the voting rights of incarcerated persons, parolees, unsheltered persons or those in transitional housing, and sexual minorities.

Chong said: “No matter how well trained or well intentioned, government officials – like poll workers – may forget about the many methods in place to accommodate voters, or simply get it wrong. The ACLU voting rights guides empower everyone, including traditionally disadvantaged and politically marginalized populations, to confidently exercise their lawful right to participate in our democracy.”

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