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Waimea Middle School hosts 5th annual cross country meet


Cross country student athletes from middle schools across North Hawaii and East Hawaii will gather Saturday, Sept. 29 at the starting line for Waimea Middle School’s 5th Annual Cross Country Meet.

Student runners will lap the school campus and out into what is former Parker Ranch pasture land that is now vacant school property for the meet that begins at 9 a.m.

The community is invited to come cheer on the 40-50 participating student athletes.

Volunteers willing to help marshal the meet are welcome. Call Patti Cook at 937-2833.

In the first meet of the season at Haili Christian Academy in Hilo:

* First Place Overall Trophy – Waimea Middle School boys

* Boys 6th Grade: Toby Balaam — First

* Boys 6th Grade: Shane Hunter— Third

* Boys 7th Grade: Jonah Hurney — Second

* Boys 7th Grade: Elijah Anakalea-Buckley — Second

* Girls 8th Grade: Tania duPont — First

* Girls 8th Grade: Savanna Rhode — Second

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