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Matson raising fuel surcharge by 4.5 percentage points


As a result of rising bunker fuel prices and other energy related costs, Matson is raising its fuel surcharge by 4.5 percentage points, from 39 percent to 43.5 percent for its Hawaii service, and from 35.5 percent to 40 percent for its Guam/CNMI and Micronesia services, effective Oct. 7, 2012.

The increase follows two consecutive decreases in June and July of 2012 which totaled 6.5 percentage points.

“While we were encouraged by the moderation of bunker fuel prices earlier this year, that trend has been reversed in recent months,” said Dave Hoppes, senior vice president, ocean services.

“Since announcing our last decrease in mid-July, bunker fuel prices have risen over 13 percent. Energy related expenses continue to be a significant cost factor for most businesses, as well as consumers, with transportation companies especially hard hit,” he said. “As with all increases, Matson gives our customers 30 days advance notice prior to implementation. We will continue to monitor fuel prices and adjust the surcharge accordingly.”

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