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Rudolph: Repeal the PLDC

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By Shannon Rudolph

Unbelievable. The State Public Land Development Corporation, under the auspices of the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources, wants to be able to invest tax dollars in private, select companies that could go belly up and have taxpayers stuck with the bill plus clean up costs.

Remember the $250K DBEDT race car that blew up? This doesn’t sound like a good deal to me.

So much is wrong with the PLDC, with so little public oversight and neighbor islanders shut out of the process – exempting select private companies from many zoning, cultural, land use, public access, environmental, county charter, CDP’s, and building code laws; the PLDC may be a costly travesty to every family in Hawaii.

So much for the “free market.” I received no special exemptions. This sounds like socialism for the 1% to me.

I just read two DLNR employees were caught stealing $150,000. How many more are stealing in other deptments? And they want to start selling off public land to make up the shortfall?

I have zero faith that the DLNR/PLDC Is capable of handling more money and power if they don’t notice $150K missing and can’t oversee two wayward employees, not to mention, leasing 23,000 acres at Pohakuloa for about a penny a year to toxic polluters, which will eventually cost us billions to clean up – but that’s another story.

William and Neil, I used to be so proud of you. Repeal the PLDC 2013 – it’s a new day, we’re broke and have no more to give you.

Congress and Wall Street gangsters have devastated the world economy and the PLDC hyenas will strip what’s left of the meat off our bones.

Shannon Rudolph

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  1. Marjorie says:

    Good for you, Shannon — calling Neil and William out — and telling the truth about this absurd bill. Mahalo nui loa!!


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