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Akaka seeks fair electoral process for District 6 voters


State House candidate Kalei Akaka (District 6, Kailua-Kona) personally filed a complaint Tuesday in the Hawaii Supreme Court questioning the results of the Democratic Party primary election for her district.

Kalei Akaka

“I am bringing this lawsuit because I feel that due to the numerous voting procedure irregularities which have been extensively covered by the media, Hawaii Island citizens were not provided with a proper and fair electoral process,” Akaka said.

Unfortunately these irregularities did materially affect elections where the margins were just a few votes apart.

Akaka’s lawsuit seeks a recount of the ballots cast or alternatively a re-run of the primary election for her district.

“Due to the Hawaii Supreme Court’s precedent in the Akizaki case, where a re-run of the election was ordered in virtually identical circumstances, I believe that what I seek in this case for the citizens of my district is reasonable and just,” she said.

Akaka is being represented by attorney Charles K.Y. Khim.

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