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Joint statement by HSTA, state on federal mediation


On Aug. 14, Gov. Neil Abercrombie sent a letter to the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) President Wil Okabe inviting the teachers’ union to engage the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services.

Abercrombie said the invitation “is not about establishing who is right or who is wrong, but rather to re-engage HSTA in discussions which can lead to a resolution of the issues that separate us.”

The HSTA Board of Directors voted to agree to pursue seeking the help of the Federal Mediator. The Federal Mediator provides mediation and conciliation services.

Abercrombie said: “I am very pleased that the HSTA leadership has agreed to use the services of the Federal Mediator. This is a step forward, by both sides, to find a solution that will resolve our differences for the sake of our students and school teachers.”

Okabe stated: “We would like to announce that our Negotiations Committee and the HSTA Board of Directors have agreed to the Governor’s recommendation to enter into federal mediation in an attempt to resolve the current contract dispute. We look forward to beginning the mediation process as soon as possible.”

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