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Junior Anatomy Lab (Aug. 25)


Calling all young and inquisitive minds! Let’s explore our world in the Junior Anatomy Lab 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 25.

At this workshop we’ll explore the major organs and systems of a complete organism – a grass frog – as well as focus in (pun intended ) on the anatomy of the cow eye – an ideal surrogate for the human eye.

You’ll get to dissect these specimens with your lab partner, play games, perform interesting experiments, and even create an anatomically-correct and ever-so-tasty edible model of an eye (yum!).

Prior to the workshop please plan to spend at least two hours in review of the materials (videos, coloring pages and games) we’ll provide for maximum learning.

Forget the old-fashioned microscope! We’ll examine specimens using the latest in digital microscopy and see tissues displayed clearly on a large laptop computer screen.

Bring your curiosity, and plan to be amazed at the wonders of science.

Instructor: Maureen Combes, BA Location: Kenji’s House, Kapa’au

Cost: $69 tuition + $10 materials fee

Class limit: 8 students, ages 7-11

Call to enroll: 808-494-4237

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