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Lingle committee releases new platform spots


Linda Lingle’s Senate campaign has released a new television spot called “Do The Math,” which highlights Mazie Hirono’s non-existent Congressional record.

“Over the past six years, Mazie Hirono has built her Congressional career on the backs of her colleagues, claiming accomplishments that simply aren’t hers to claim,” campaign manager Bob Lee said. “It didn’t take long to do the math. She sponsored 49 bills between her election in 2006 and 2012, and zero have been passed into law. We ask the people of Hawaii to join us to ‘do the math’. It all adds up to zero.”

Lee continued: “Mazie Hirono has a record of ineffective leadership in Washington. Her success rate of 0 percent is shameful. It’s not that surprising since she has already missed 127 votes so far this year. While Hirono is out campaigning and speaking in over-arching terms about how she can help the people of Hawaii, her record tells a different story. Gov. Lingle has a proven record of tangible results to benefit all the people.”

Lingle launches ‘Voices of Hawaii’ radio spot on Big Island

Linda Lingle, candidate for Hawaii’s open U.S. Senate seat, has launched her new “Voices of Hawaii” radio spots across the state.

The radio spots are island specific and feature local community leaders from each county. The spots will air through the General Election in November.

“After working closely with Governor Lingle and her Campaign Manager Bob Lee, former State Adjutant General, I’m confident there is no other candidate as qualified to represent the people of Hawaii in Wasington, D.C., and especially the Big Island,” said Waimea resident Ed Texeira, former State Civil Defense Chief, who will be the ‘Voice’ on Hawaii Island. “In the most critical of times, including the 2006 earthquake, Governor Lingle was at the front lines, placing the safety of the people above all else. That is the kind of leader we need.”

“As our current elected leaders participate in the most partisan of politics, refusing to work with one another on the most obvious issues, I was reinvigorated when Governor Lingle told me she was running for the U.S. Senate,” said Kauai resident Annette Baptiste, wife of the late Mayor Brian Baptiste, who will be the ‘Voice’ on Kauai. “My husband and Linda had a great working relationship and a close personal friendship, all based on one common goal: working to better the lives of the people of Hawaii and Kauai.”

“Other candidates talk about issues that may turn heads, but Governor Lingle has always focused on the issues that matter. Her candidacy is extra special to the people of Maui, who’s interest she has represented for over 30 years,” said Maui resident Tom Phillips, former Police Chief under then-Mayor Lingle, who will be the ‘Voice’ for Maui County. “It is not surprising that the State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers (SHOPO), and others who protect the safety of citizens, have endorsed Governor Lingle, because she has always protected them. As a retiree, I’m invested in her, since she always has and always will protect the nest eggs of Hawaii’s kupuna.”

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