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Two endorsements for Hannemann


The Hawaii Island Contractors’ Association (HICA) has announced its endorsement of Democrat Mufi Hannemann for Congress from Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District.

Gerald Yamada, HICA Director, stated, “The Hawaii Island Contractors’ Association supports Mufi Hannemann for the U.S. House of Representatives, 2nd District, because we know that he understands the construction industry and the vital role it plays to the economy. He has led efforts to create jobs and has the experience and capability to advocate and help launch economic development initiatives in Washington, D.C. that will help our county and State.”

In accepting the endorsement, Hannemann said, “I’m grateful to receive the backing of HICA. Their endorsement is a validation of our campaign’s message that proven experience and bipartisan leadership is needed to put Americans back to work. If elected to Congress, I will put my years of experience in both the public and private sector to create jobs and improve the economy.”

The HICA is now the third major business organization to endorse Hannemann’s candidacy for Congress. Earlier this year, the Realtors and the Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association also endorsed Hannemann.

HICA represents more than 150 contractors from across Hawaii Island. The association was founded in 1958 as the Hilo Contractors’ Association, and was established as the Hawaii Island Contractors’ Association in 1960.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Endorses Hannemann

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced his endorsement of Hannemann.

Reid stated, “Congress needs leaders like Mufi Hannemann. Mufi and I go back many years. I worked with Mufi and Senator Akaka to help save Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. I worked with Mufi and Senator Inouye on infrastructure funding and strengthening tourism across the country. We share goals for a better America.”

Reid concluded, “Mufi’s record of achievement, experience, and relationships in Washington, D.C., would make him an invaluable member of our team on Capitol Hill—and I’m very excited about welcoming him to Congress.”

Hannemann said, “I’m very grateful for the support of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. His endorsement is a validation of my message that Hawaii needs an experienced leader who can hit the ground running through his effective working relationships in Washington, D.C.”

Hannemann continued, “With only two members in the U.S. House, Hawaii needs a representative who can ‘carry the ball’ when important bills are sent over from the Senate. If elected, I will work closely with Senator Reid and other Congressional leaders to improve the economy, strengthen education, protect Social Security and Medicare, and get the job done for the people of Hawaii.”

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  1. Renee H. says:

    Regardless of how many endorsements Mufi gets, the people of Hawaii are not going to forget his divisiveness (“I look like you…”), his “pay to play” (i.e $50,000 in campaign donations = $700 million given in lucrative rail contracts) and the way he treats people – like a bully. It’s time to Retire Mufi!


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