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Battle of the Islands State Roller Derby Tournament (July 14)


Paradise Roller Girls are hosting the first ever Battle of the Islands Roller Derby Tournament featuring women’s roller derby teams from all islands in an all-day tournament at the Hilo Edith Kanakaole Stadium.

The first bout starts at 11 a.m. with the final bout starting at 7 p.m.

Featuring: Paradise Roller Girls Honey Badgers (Hawaii), Echo City Knockouts (Kona, Hawaii), Pacific Roller Derby Hulagans (Oahu), Maui Roller Girls, Maui Owies, Garden Island Renegade Rollers (Kauai), and Bee Team – a mixed team from all islands featuring skaters from Aloha City Rollers, Paradise Roller Girls, Pacific Roller Derby and Maui Roller Girls.

BOI is structured to allow the veteran A-teams and fresher B-teams to compete within their group level for championship.

The A-teams (PRG Honey Badgers, Pacific Hulagans and the Maui Roller Girls) will compete in a double elimination, starting at 11 a.m. with the PRG Honey Badgers vs. the Pacific Hulagans.

Depending on the outcome of the A-team eliminations, the championship bout will start at 5 p.m. or 7 p.m.

The B-teams (Maui Owies, Echo City Knockouts, Garden Island Renegade Rollers and the Bee Team) will have the next bout starting at noon with GIRR vs Echo City Knockouts.

The Battle of the Islands is a twice-annual tournament that will rotate amongst the islands. The idea of Battle of the Islands started in an email discussion between Paradise Roller Girls, Maui Roller Girls, the Garden Island Renegade Rollers and Pacific Roller Derby.

The expense for teams to purchase airfare and lodging makes it difficult to travel to each of the other islands to compete. Battle of the Islands allows all the leagues to come together in one city and bout against all the islands.

The next Battle of the Islands will be hosted by Pacific Roller Derby on Oahu at the end of September.

Tickets are just $5 for all-day admission, children 10 years old and under are free. Tickets may be purchased at CD Wizard, Hilo Town Tavern, Mt. View Village Video, Jungle Love Pahoa, Jeff Hunt Surfboards Pahoa or ask a roller girl.

Concessions and merchandise will be available for purchase inside.

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Battle of the Islands Schedule:

Doors open 10 a.m.
Game 1: 11 a.m. – PRG vs Pacific Roller Derby
Game 2: Noon – Echo City Knockouts vs Garden Island Renegade Rollers
Game 3: 1 p.m. – Maui Roller Girls vs winner game 1
Game 4: 2 p.m. – Maui Owies vs the Bee Team
Game 5: 3 p.m. – Loser game 1 vs loser game 3
Game 6: 4 p.m. – Loser game 2 vs loser game 4
Game 7: 5 p.m. – Winner game 3 vs winner game 5
Game 8: 6 p.m. – Winner game 2 vs winner game 4
Game 9: 7 p.m. – Winner game 7 vs loser game 7

Game 9 will only be necessary if the team that loses game seven has only lost game seven and no other games. If the team that loses game seven has previously lost, the winner of game seven will be the overall winner of the A-Team bracket.

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