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KCFA continues to push to veto HB280


Gov. Neil Abercrombie has included House Bill 280 in his Intent to Veto List.

This bill would eliminate the state required Department of Agriculture certification of the grade and origin of wholesale quantities of green coffee. Instead it would allow companies to prepare their own “documentation” of origination without any required grade certification.

Any independent HDOA inspection and grade certification would be voluntary.

Members of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association and other Kona coffee farmers and customers recognize the dangerous consequences of this bill and are fighting to keep mandatory inspection and certification in place.

Kona and any other Hawaiian “Origin” coffee’s reputation can quickly be destroyed by companies, which market coffee that does not meet the requirements of the existing HDOA regulations.

Those who are opposed to the veto cite the delay for certification due to the staffing shortage of state inspectors. Replacing staff resolves that problem and keeps mandatory inspection and certification in place.

Donald Schoenholt, Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) Lifetime Achievement laureate, said “…veto of HB280 will reinforce the understanding that the Governor, thinking of the good of the state and her people, holds high the integrity and protection of Kona coffee, Hawaii’s famous gift to world coffee lovers.”

KCFA is requesting supporters to sign KCFA’s petition, which asks the governor to carry out his intent to veto of HB280.

To sign the petition, go to the KCFA website at and click on the petition link:…

2 Responses to “KCFA continues to push to veto HB280”

  1. waimeajim says:

    Do you mean the growers don’t trust their own members? Do they need a Government agency to police themselves???

  2. konafarmer says:

    waimeajim: Government certification and inspection is the base of any specialty food economy anywhere in the world. Buyers need to know that the products they buy are truly what they claim to be. Farmers have to adhere to the quality standards to uphold the economy and not damage the reputation. In short: Trust is good, control is better.


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