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DOE student bus transportation update


The state Department of Education on Tuesday announced it will be extending student bus service to multi-track schools for the month of July.

Mililani Middle, Kapolei Elementary, and Kapolei Middle — all multi-track schools operating on year-round “track schedules”– will continue to receive regular bus service through July 27. Holomua Elementary, also a multi-track school, is not affected by route reductions and service will continue as usual.

The DOE continues to work toward maximizing bus services despite funding cuts to the student transportation budget.

An updated list of bus route reductions, effective July 30, has been posted on the DOE website at, under “Student Bus Transportation Updates.”

Families are advised to contact their schools to obtain information about available transportation services for their children.

District student transportation officers:

Kelvin Komeiji,
Cellular: 345-7318

Paula Telles
Bus Ops: 327-9500
Cellular: 345-3668

Revised list:

Click to access DOE_Student_Transportation_Route_Cuts_120703.pdf

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