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School transportation cuts impact Waikoloa

Hawaii 24/7 Staff

The state Department of Education has released its list of bus routes for the upcoming school year and Waikoloa will be feeling the pinch.

Slashing 103 bus routes across the state will impact 2,380 students – mostly on Oahu – and help make up the estimated $17 million transportation budget shortfall.

Bus route W282 regularly ferried nearly 100 Waikoloa elementary and middle school students and in the areas of LuaKula, Laie, AkaUla, Hulu, KilaKila, Waikoloa Gardens, Paniolo Greens, Makana Kai, Waikoloa Hills, Mahina, Ua-Noe, Auhili Loop, Kauhiwai.

According to the information released Saturday by the DOE, the total number of schools affected is 51, with the smallest route affecting just one student and the largest route affecting 98 students.

Broken down by district, the number of students impacted:
* 129 – Honolulu
* 999 – Central Oahu
* 861 – Leeward Oahu
* 161 – Windward Oahu
* 96 – Hawaii
* 30 – Maui
* 104 – Kauai
* 2,380 – Total riders affected

At the June 19 Board of Education general business meeting, the board approved the department’s recommendation subject to:

* Reexamination of Oahu and Neighbor island routes scheduled for reduction
* Usage of uncommitted federal impact aid funds totaling $1.5 million
* Provisions for alternate drop-off locations and bus passes
* Collaboration with various counties

The Board of Education is expected to address the issue at its next meeting on Tuesday.

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