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Ilagan on the size of government


Greggor Ilagan is running for the County Council seat that represents Puna. He issued the following statement:

My vision of government size is neither big government nor small government for Hawaii County. There is a third approach I call “common sense government.”

The county does not need to hire or cut employees. What the county needs to do is optimize its resources; in other words, to utilize our people to be more productive.

However, management should never forget that we are all people, led by our logic, but moved by our emotions. That is why government lacks common sense, because the government neglects people’s emotions.

As I walk door to door, I don’t just learn the concerns of the district. I feel them. It opens my eyes to witness the root of people’s concerns. For politicians to help people they need to see people, otherwise politicians become detached.

Being on the same wavelength takes place when politicians set foot on door steps in their district, holding a homeless child in need or comforting a husband who lost his wife of 35 years.

I am humbled to experience the diverse lives of many due to my campaign efforts. It brings me great joy to be able to participate in democracy at the age of 25 years old. It is the most awakening experience of my life.

That is why for me, it is common sense to work tirelessly to win this election. It is common sense for me to help people in need, and in my position, it is common sense government that I stand for.

Let us come together in this common issue that we the people need to fix, not the size of our government, but how we run it.

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