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Hanohano O Kona Lecture covers pa‘u riding (May 30)


“Pa‘u Riding: Perpetuating the Tradition in Today’s Generation” is the topic for the presentation in the Kona Historical Society’s Hanohano O Kona lecture series 5:30-7 p.m. Wednesday, May 30 at the West Hawaii Civic Center..

A 10-person, multigenerational panel comprised of members of ranching families and pa‘u riders will provide insights into the tradition of pa‘u riding in general, and as practiced in Kailua-Kona in celebration of Kamehameha Day in particular.

The presentation will be led by Kuulani Auld, Assistant Executive Director of Kona Historical Society (KHS), and Hannah Kihalani Springer, a member of the KHS Board of Directors, both of whom are members of the families of Mahealani and Huehue Ranches, respectively.

The presentation is intended to give those unfamiliar with the tradition of pa‘u riding an introduction to the practice, drawing upon personal experiences and family traditions.

Those familiar with the tradition may recognize friends, favorite lei- island-pa‘u units, and the festive spirit of Kamehameha Day.

The panel will touch upon Kamehameha and historic celebrations of him in Kona, the days of preparations leading up to the event, and the busy and beautiful day as it unfolds. Looking forward to many Kamehameha Days to come, a discussion of resources conservation will also be part of the program.

In 1871, Kamehameha the V decreed that the legacy of his grandfather should be perpetuated. It is a story told every year in Kailua-Kona. It is told on the weekend, which follows the June 11 holiday with a canoe race and a pa‘u parade. It is told according to traditions which link generations of lei-bedecked horsemen and women and their mounts.

The Hanohano O Kona lecture series is conducted in cooperation with the County of Hawaii.

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