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Keei Well D back on line


At this time, Keei Well D is back on line and the system is running normal. Keei Wells A and C are no longer running.

The conservation notice for South Kona Water system is cancelled and no longer in effect. In addition, the “Important Information About Your Drinking Water for Consumers on Sodium-Restricted Diets” is rescinded now that Keei Well D is back on-line.

Overview of the Repair

This $165,000 project consists of repairs to Keei Well D pump/motor system. Located on the mauka side of Hawaii Belt Highway in South Kona, Keei Well D went down March 29, 2012.

The repair job was immediately put out for emergency bid. Bids were opened Tuesday, April 3, 2012, and the Department of Water Supply then executed a contract with the winning pump contractor to conduct the needed repairs. The contractor mobilized to the site and pulled the motor by April 6, 2012.

Upon assessment of the motor, the contractor determined a tear in the motor flat cable adaptor caused the motor to short.

Although a mainland manufacturer was previously working to refurbish an existing motor core, the contractor located a spare motor on Oahu that meets the specifications of Keei Well D.

The contractor was able to use the spare motor, pump, check valve, column pipe and stainless steel air line to complete the repair.

It is important to note that in emergency repair situations, the repair status can rapidly change as new developments are made to expedite the work.

The South Kona Water System

The communities that are served by South Kona water system include Captain Cook, Keokea, Kealia, Hookena, Napoopoo, and Honaunau City of Refuge. The service area ranges from Kealakekua at the north to the Hookena School in the south.

There are five supply sources; four Keei Wells and a well at Halekii. When the system is operating normally, Keei Well D and Halekii are the main water source in the South Kona Water System.

This system connects to the North Kona water system along Mamalahoa Highway. There is a normally closed valve that can be opened if the Halekii Well is out of service or not working.

About the Water Quality

Water from Keei Wells A, C and D meet all National Primary Drinking Water Standards, and is therefore safe to drink.

For your information, Keei Well D historically has a sodium concentration of less than 15 mg/L and a chloride concentration of less than 9 mg/L. For comparison purposes, a 12-ounce can of regular soda (non-diet) has over 100 mg/L of sodium.

There are no state or federal maximum levels for sodium in drinking water.

For most individuals, drinking water supplies only a small percentage of their daily sodium intake and is therefore not a concern. For persons on sodium-restricted diets however, drinking water could supply a significant percentage of their daily sodium intake.

Those who are undergoing treatment for sodium-sensitive hypertension (high blood pressure) are encouraged to consult their health care provider regarding the sodium levels in the drinking water.

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