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Host families sought for exchange students


As the school year ends, there is a long list of students waiting to be placed with a host family so they can come to school in America for a year.

The new school year starts Aug. 1.

There is a boy from Brazil who loves theater, a girl from Germany who loves to sing, a student from Korea who loves chemistry (!!) and a blind girl from the Ukraine who sounds very brave.

There are kids from Vietnam and Norway, Kazakhstan and Turkey, and many more.

They are all about 16 years old, would attend 11th grade in your district, and perfect their English while learning about America and Hawaii.

These youths are bright and motivated, but they can only come if we find families willing to host them. A family can be with or without kids, any age, religion or marital status. The most critical requirement is willingness.

For further information, call Pamela at 323-2117 or visit:

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  1. Joh and Gina says:

    We are interested in being a host family. Please contact us via email. Thank you


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