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Skechers shoes paying $40M settlement to consumers over deceptive advertising


HONOLULU – The State of Hawai’i, 43 other states and the District of Columbia along with the Federal Trade Commission today announced a settlement with Skechers USA, Inc., the makers of Shape-Ups, Tone-Ups and the Skechers Resistance Runner athletic shoes.

Skechers represented that its rocker-bottom products helped consumers lose weight, tone muscles, improve circulation, and improve one’s posture. The lawsuit filed today by the State of Hawai’i’s Office of Consumer Protection alleges that Skechers made health-related claims in the marketing, packaging, advertising, offering and selling of its line of rocker-bottom shoe products including Shape-ups, Tone-ups and the Skechers Resistance Runner that were not adequately substantiated at the time the claims were made.

“The judgment will prevent Skechers from making benefit claims without sufficient support,” Office of Consumer Protection Executive Director Bruce Kim said.

Under the settlements, up to $40 million will be used to pay back consumers who bought the shoes. Consumers who bought Shape-Ups, Tone-Ups, or the Skechers Resistance Runner should go to or call 866-325-4186, toll free for more information about how to get a partial refund.

Skechers will also pay $5 million to the states. Hawai’i’s share of $74,907 will be used to fund consumer education and enforcement of consumer protection laws in Hawaii by the Office of Consumer Protection.

The state Office of Consumer Protection investigates complaints of unfair or deceptive acts or practices, enforces Hawai’i’s consumer laws, works with other government agencies in protecting and promoting the interests of the consumer public and educates consumers and businesses on their respective rights and responsibilities.

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