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Supplemental state budget breakdown by department


This year, the Legislature passed an $11.2 billion supplemental budget for the state, House Bill 2012.

Following three years of budget cuts totaling more than $1 billion each year, this year’s budget provided the Senate with a refreshing opportunity to reinforce the safety net where needed, reinstitute core services that have been decimated over the past three years, and make strategic investments in key areas that can help us grow the economy and sustain a more prosperous future for Hawaii.

The chart illustrates each State department’s funding allocation as appropriated through House Bill 2012.

Here is the numeric breakdown:

Department Fiscal Year 2013
Accounting and General Services $166,205,378
Agriculture $42,101,954
Attorney General $73,122,827
Budget and Finance $1,847,935,987
Business, Economic Development, and Tourism $241,367,661
Commerce and Consumer Affairs $50,586,801
Defense $109,083,863
Education $1,856,429,564
Governor $3,008,433
Hawaiian Home Lands $184,992,104
Health $1,501,022,002
Human Resources Development $19,804,446
Human Services $2,385,651,645
Labor $490,431,649
Land and Natural Resources $111,534,249
Lieutenant Governor $1,020,774
Public Safety $234,581,424
Subsidies $873,859
Taxation $22,764,775
Transportation $846,569,213
University of Hawaii $993,645,330
Grand Total $11,182,733,938

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