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Hannemann campaign announces co-chairs


Hannemann for Congress has announced its team of campaign co-chairs and reintroduced its island coordinators during the grand opening of its statewide campaign headquarters at 2024 N. King Street in Honolulu.

The diverse team of five at-large campaign co-chairs includes women with distinguished backgrounds, representing every county in the state, who believe in Hannemann’s ability to effectively represent the people of Hawaii in Congress.

The Hannemann for Congress Campaign Co-Chairs are:

* Gladys Baisa – Maui County Council Member
* Teresa Bright – Two-time Na Hoku Hanohano Award Winner
* Donna Domingo – ILWU Local 142 President
* Ann Ebesuno – Former HGEA President
* Maryanne Kusaka – Former Kauai County Mayor

Former Maui County Council member and Hannemann campaign co-chair Gladys Baisa said, “As long as I have known Mufi, he has always cared for, listened to, and respected our kupuna. He will prioritize Social Security and Medicare, and protect Hawaii residents’ retirement so they can enjoy their Golden Years. And I’m sure Mufi is the best person to help the counties because he really knows his way around the nation’s capitol.”

Campaign co-chair Teresa Bright said, “I’m honored to serve as a co-chair of Mufi’s campaign. My mother Carol and our ohana have been big supporters of him on the Windward side. I love the fact that Mufi is a strong and passionate advocate for culture and the arts, and that he was a Mayor who got things done. He’ll do the same in Congress!”

Former HGEA President Ann Ebesuno said, “As a former resident of Hawaii Island, Mufi understands our needs and desires. In all of his years on Oahu, he’s never forgotten us and has always included us and contributed to our causes and projects throughout the years. And, as a Grandmother of two grandsons, ages 7 and 5, quality education and quality of our schools is important. I know Mufi will champion education. We need Mufi representing us in Congress.”

Former Kauai County Mayor Maryanne Kusaka said, “As a former mayor, I know how valuable it is for our leaders to have executive experience and an ability to bring people together. He also has a proven track record of getting things done in Washington DC. Mufi is a strong and effective leader and that’s why I believe he’s the right choice for Congress.”

In naming the five co-chairs, Hannemann said, “I’m very honored and humbled to have the support of these five well-respected community leaders. They hail from every part of our state, and I am blessed to have their strong support. They all have a solid reputation for giving back and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team.”

The Hannemann for Congress campaign also re-introduced its statewide team of island coordinators, who have been working for months on the grassroots outreach efforts in communities across Hawaii.

Approximately 65 percent of the voters in the 2nd congressional district are on the neighbor islands, with rural Oahu having 35 percent of the electorate.

The Hannemann for Congress District 2 Coordinators are:

* Jo Anne Balberde-Kamalii – East Hawaii Coordinator
* Marlene Murray – West Hawaii Coordinator
* Michelle Del Rosario – Maui County Coordinator
* Stephanie Iona – Kauai Coordinator
* Dana Takahara-Dias – Oahu Coordinator

Hannemann said, “Our island coordinators are our eyes and ears in each of the four counties. They have been hard at work planning signwavings, canvassings, community talk stories, and other events. I am very appreciative of all of their efforts so far, and look forward to working alongside them to continue growing our grassroots teams in the weeks and months ahead.”

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