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Hawaii Fishing & Boating Association annual meeting (May 9)


The 2012 Annual Meeting of the Hawaii Fishing & Boating Association is 5 p.m. Wednesday, May 9 at the Hawaii Big Game Fishing Club at Honokohau Harbor.

Everyone is welcome to attend, become members of the association and help to improve management of Honokohau Harbor and harbors in general as well as improve the regulatory process that accompanies a state-owned facility.

This last year has seen the association dealing with ever-changing politics, inattention to the harbor, many maintenance issues and on-going management issues.

The board has discussed water line failures and water pressure issues; rest room repairs; inappropriate language in rules and regulations and recently a state audit of the harbor hoping to assure financing for Honokohau improvements and future management of Honokohau.

Activism and advocacy by members of the harbor community led to the recent paving of the perimeter road, a new water line, financial commitments for solar lighting and additional paving.

Other issues on the horizon could be internal signage at the harbor; a sewage pump out facility; organization of an informational network within Honokohau and another of the very popular Swap Meets later this summer.

For further information, call Marni at 987-2171 or visit:…

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