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Statement from Lingle on TSA


Former Gov. Linda Lingle has announced that if she is elected to the U.S. Senate, she will support Congressional investigation efforts into the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) policies and practices.

“Keeping the people of Hawaii and our country safe is our number one priority. However, with this responsibility comes a duty to carry out public service with utmost integrity and judgment. Unfortunately, recent events highlight the need for a re-evaluation of the TSA’s policies and practices,” Lingle said.

The TSA is under heightened scrutiny this week after it defended its agents who conducted a controversial pat down of a 4-year-old girl passing through a Wichita, Kansas airport. The incident, combined with this week’s federal indictment and arrest of several current and former TSA agents on federal narcotics trafficking and bribery charges, has prompted federal officials to question the administration’s security policies and priorities.

“While I respect the work of TSA employees across our nation, instances such as these cross-the-line on common sense security protocols, and cause Americans to lose trust in this important agency,” she said.

“If elected to the U.S. Senate, I will support Congressional investigation efforts into the TSA policies and guidelines and will advocate for practices that maintain security while not sacrificing the personal dignity of our residents and visitors,” Lingle said.

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