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Marathon Goddess to run Kona Marathon this year


Julie Weiss, Marathon Goddess, will be traveling to Kailua­‐Kona to participate in the June 24 Kona Marathon. Her mission is to run 52 marathons in one year – one marathon a week in what she is calls 52 for You.

Her purpose is to bring awareness and raise $1 million for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network; at press time she has raised more than $92,000.

(Photo courtesy of Julie Weiss)

Her father Maurice was diagnosed and passed away suddenly in December 2010 from pancreatic cancer. This was just one week before Julie qualified to run the Boston Marathon.

Her dad was her biggest fan and as she crossed the finish line both hands up and fingers pointing to the sky, she knew her father was there cheering.

She said, “Through my love of running, my love of life and my love for my father I plan to raise hope, money and awareness to the world for those who have been affected by pancreatic cancer.”

Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide and research is severely underfunded ‐ one reason Julie chose to ”fight this horrible disease.” Bringing awareness and raising funds to help in the fight against it are high on her priority list.

However, as she stated, “focusing on nutrition, exercise and peace of mind are all components to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well.”

She went on to say, “Goddess is not about me, but showing people it’s OK to embrace the inner god or goddess in us. We all have a calling.”

Hawaii also has a special place in Julie’s heart, which makes running the Kona Marathon and Family Runs even more special for her.

She said, “I always feel at home when I am in Hawaii, the spirit and people, the relaxing nature and peacefulness of it, it just feels like where I belong.”

If her words don’t show how much she loves Hawaii, then the fact that she chose to do six of her 52 marathons in Hawaii does. When asked what she is most looking forward to in Kona, other than the marathon – “it’s having some UCC Kona Coffee, I love coffee.”

Julie is not new to marathons. Go back to 2008 when she ran her first race at the LA Marathon. She didn’t have much fun at that first race after making some beginner mistakes. However that did not stop her and a few months later she ran her second race and enjoyed it.

Now 25 marathons later and with new goals, she is running for a cause, the end to pancreatic cancer.

When she is not on the pavement training or marathon running she works as a real estate accountant in Los Angeles. She has two children Samantha and Frank and is engaged to David Levine, author of the highly praised Complete Idiots Guide to Marathon Training.

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