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Abercrombie releases funds for Puuwaawaa improvements


Gov. Neil Abercrombie has announced the release of $600,000 in Capital Improvement Project funds for road improvements in the Puuwaawaa area of the Mamalahoa Highway.

The project is slated to start in July 2012 with an estimated completion date of December 2014. The improvements will include the design of an underground drainage system to help rain runoff from flowing across the highway.

The system will include drain lines, grated drop inlets and a drainage basin. Related improvements in the area include the design for a retaining wall and realigning the roadway as necessary to improve safety.

“Improving safety within this particular section of Mamalahoa Highway has been one of my top priorities and I’m happy to hear that we’ll be receiving the funds necessary to provide the highly needed improvements in highway infrastructure,” said Rep. Cindy Evans, who represents District 7 – North Kona, South Kohala.

“The improvement in the drainage system to help prevent rain runoff is part of a series of improvements that have been made in this section of the highway,” said Evans, who serves as the House Majority Floor Leader. “The State Department of Transportation has added guard rails and lowered the speed limit; these new improvements will only help contribute to making this area of the highway safer.”

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