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Ed Case officially files papers for U.S. Senate seat Thursday (March 22)


U.S. Senate candidate and former Congressman Ed Case has officially filed his nomination papers for election to the United States Senate.

“My candidacy offers Hawaii voters strong effective leadership that’s honest with us, preserves our values, breaks through the gridlock and gets the job done”, said Case, joined by his wife Audrey, family and supporters.

“I love Hawaii and our country, and believe our foundations are strong and our future bright. But Washington today is broken, poisoning our whole democracy and obstructing our progress here at home. Like most Americans, I’m just fed up.

“The status quo on Capitol Hill is not going to overcome the challenges we all face today and tomorrow. Just adding more Senators who live and breathe endless partisan warfare, who follow the crowd and rubber stamp the way things are, who view every issue from the extremes, is not what we need.

“I’m proud to be a Democrat and will advance and defend the core values of our party that have made our country great. But that can’t be the be-all, end-all of governing our country.

“And the problem is not only deep partisan divisions and a refusal to seek common ground. It’s just as much about inside-DC special interests advancing their own agendas at the expense of everyone else.

“Specific reforms can help, like prohibiting super PAC and registered lobbyist contributions. But the only real way forward is fresh thinking and a renewed commitment to the shared benefits and obligations of citizenship.

“I will do everything and work with anyone I can to fix DC and reclaim our government, because the reality is that we can’t achieve what we must without changing DC. Only then can we find workable, inclusive solutions to grow our economy, balance our budget, assure our energy needs and save Social Security and Medicare, to touch just the tip of the iceberg.

“Fixing Washington absolutely matters to all of us right here in Hawai’i as well, now and well down the road,” said Case. “Our own next generation will be one of great opportunity and challenge.

“We must preserve our economic pillars and forge new industries and jobs for our children. We must assure our fair share of federal support and fight for our own special needs. We must pursue energy independence, retool education, preserve our unique resources, and take full advantage of this Pacific Century. And all this amidst accelerating change for our Hawaii, country and world.

“We can only navigate these waters with Washington as our full partner and not as our enemy. So when we fix Washington, when we solve our country’s challenges, we also chart a better course for Hawaii.

Case again called on his Democratic opponent, Congresswoman Mazie Hirono, to stop hiding behind her handlers and join him in debates and joint appearances throughout Hawaii.

“Folks want to hear from us together, to size us up side-by-side. They want to make this crucial decision for themselves; the days of being told how to vote are over,” he said. “I have accepted several debate/appearance invitations from around Hawaii and will keep doing so. Mazie has accepted none because she fears any public exchange of views or comparison of our candidacies and has been instructed to remain behind a carefully scripted campaign front. That is conduct unbecoming a U. S. Senator.”

Ed Case was born and raised in Hilo, the fourth generation of his family in Hawaii. He is married to the former Audrey Nakamura; they have four children, all in their 20s.

He’s practiced law in Honolulu for most of the past 30 years. He served eight years as a Hawaii State Representative and over four years as a U. S. Congressman.

More information on Ed Case and his candidacy is at

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