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Big Island beef aboard Fair Wind vessels


Fair Wind Big Island Ocean Guides has taken pride for 40 years in offering quality ocean experiences for residents and visitors to Hawaii, the Big Island.

Taking the experience one step further, guests joining deluxe morning snorkel cruises aboard the Hula Kai or Fair Wind II will be treated to island-raised grass-fed beef burgers from Hawaii Big Island Beef’s ranch in Paauilo.

“These burgers have a flavor and juiciness that immediately tell you that you are eating something quite tasty and delicious,” said Mendy Dant, Fair Wind’s vice president.

“We receive positive feedback from guests who appreciate the healthier hormone-free option of Hawaii Big Island Beef burgers and who also appreciate the many other locally sourced tasty inclusions aboard our vessels,” she said.

Recognizing a growing appreciation for grass-fed beef, Fair Wind sought out Hawaii Island rancher Jill Andrade-Mattos, president of Hawaii Big Island Beef.

Her ranch is known to have one of the best reputations among Hawaii’s more than 800 ranchers for raising premium quality beef.

Research has shown grass-fed beef is better nutritionally. It provides more beta carotene, more vitamin E and more omega-3 fatty acids than feedlot finished beef.

Furthermore, Hawaii Big Island Beef has half the calories of mainland grain-fed beef.

Hula Kai and Fair Wind II Deluxe Morning Snorkel Sails begin with a continental breakfast which includes Fair Wind’s Coffee Farm 100-percent Kona Coffee and island-grown tropical fruits including fresh papaya from the Fair Wind farm.

Breakfast frittatas are baked daily in the Fair Wind kitchen and at lunch, the pasta salad is a special Fair Wind family recipe.

While snorkeling, diving or zipping about on Sea Rockets in some of the most pristine waters in the world, guests are drawn back to the vessels at lunchtime by the fragrance of hot Hawaii Big Island Beef burgers and Garden Burgers on the grill. Buns for the burgers are baked fresh on island at nearby Standard Bakery in Kainaliu.

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2 Responses to “Big Island beef aboard Fair Wind vessels”

  1. James Weatherford says:

    Linking our visitor business with our food business is very important to growing our island’s local food system.
    Thank you, Fair Wind!

  2. Ken Boyce says:

    This is an outside of the box question ? I was stationed at the Aloha Tower in Honolulu in the 60’s, the secrectary was Momi Post, from the Post Ranch on the big Island, I would like to visit the and meet the family if possible, she had a daughter a couple of years younger than I am, so, maybe there is hope that I can meet some of the family ?
    Ken Boyce, United States Coast Guard Aloha Tower, Captain Of The Port Operations, 1965-1996 ?
    It has been a long time, but, Momi, introduced me to some local Islanders on Oahu that helped me make bamboo furniture for my appartment, it is something I have never forgotten and would love to be able to say hello, aloha, to the family ?
    thank you,


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