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Marx: Failed energy policy will yield record summer gas prices


Bob Marx, 2nd Congressional District candidate, contends the federal government’s current energy policy will yield record gasoline prices this summer and increase home energy costs.

Speaking to a group of Makakilo Democrats on Oahu, Marx said, “Gas prices always go up in the summertime: This is as undeniable as global warming. Because our federal energy policy has failed to rapidly adopt ‘green energy’ alternatives, all we see are record gas prices.”

The American Automobile Association recently noted the average cost of gas nationwide is $3.81 gallon, in Hawaii averaging $4.46 a gallon.

“America relies heavily on foreign oil interests, threatening our still vulnerable economic recovery. Economic recovery and long term growth can only be sustained if we rapidly convert to affordable, sustainable, and clean energy, produced here in America,” he said.

Marx continued, “Solar, geothermal, wind and ocean energy have immediate benefits for Hawaii’s economy and we own them. As your Congressman, I will apply skills I have acquired as a three-term legislator and 30-year legal advocate to lead our state toward these green energy solutions. Over 90 percent of Hawaii’s energy is now generated with imported petroleum, an incredible drain on the state economy.

“Purchasing unutilized geothermal generation capacity can make an immediate difference if we purchase it first, rather than generate with oil. Solar, wind, and geothermal alternatives offer the best homegrown answer.”

Marx supports research and development of clean energy.

“Geothermal hot-spots exist on all of Hawaii’s islands except Kauai and should be utilized to generate electricity. We own the resource–let’s use it responsibly,” he said.

“Adequate funding for universities is required at the state and national levels to advance these technologies. We must also improve economic incentives for the private sector to develop alternative energy sources,” he said.

“The quickest fix for energy conservation is increased vehicle fuel efficiency standards for automobiles. We need tax credits so that average Americans can purchase newer vehicles. The average age of America’s vehicles is nearly 11 years old; for the sake of the environment, many of these older vehicles should be retired and replaced.”

The American Automobile Association has found that replacing vehicles more than eight years old with newer ones would increase the energy efficiency of America’s vehicle fleet by more than 15 percent.

Marx concluded, “If Hawaii and the U.S. are to move forward from this recession, we must minimize our reliance on foreign oil, get off the fence when it comes to alternative energy, and lower oil imports with more efficient vehicles. If we continue to rely almost exclusively on petroleum imports for energy, it will be disastrous for the economy and ultimately the environment.”

Marx’s experience as a legal advocate for the environment spans 30 years. He has written, sponsored, and supported more than 10 bills while a Representative in Oregon and has also represented numerous environmental groups in Hawaii.

Marx is a Democratic candidate for US Congress in Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District. The district includes Maui County, Hawaii County, Kauai County, and rural (north shore) Oahu.

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