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Wish you were here? Saddle Road sunset

Karin Stanton | Hawaii 24/7 Editor

Driving west on Saddle Road was a little eerie Friday evening.

The sun set behind the clouds, which were lower than the road just west of Pohakuloa Training Area. The scene made for some awesome colors, although that is not clear in this photograph.

It’s a cell phone snap through my rather grimy windshield.

I would have stopped, found my camera and taken a proper photograph, but I was in the ’emergency stopping only’ section of the highway near the military camp. I was not sure stopping to take a cool sunset photo constitutes an ’emergency.’ At least, I didn’t think I could convince the U.S. military it was truly urgent …

Still, when you are heading home after a great day on the Hilo side and you are peering down on clouds, it makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.

3 Responses to “Wish you were here? Saddle Road sunset”

  1. John Wicart says:


  2. John says:

    I rarely write comments but your piece was so lovely and touching I just wanted to say thank you. It is nice to remember how it feels being on top of the world.

  3. Barbara says:

    I agree with both Johns… with all the bad news, it’s nice to read and see something that reminds us that even though it can be dark and raining “under” the clouds – there is still light and hope “above” the clouds of this world… and every Saddle Road drive provides a different view – if you take the time to look and see. Mahalo!


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