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Public hearing in Honolulu to allow a gaming casino in Waikiki


House Lawmakers to take up measure allowing a 20-year license for one Casino in Waikiki

WHAT: House Tourism committee will hold a public hearing on HB 2788, which will grant one stand-alone casino (not in a hotel) a 20-year license to do business in Waikiki. The measure also creates a Hawaii Gaming Control Commission, and imposes a 15 percent wagering tax on the casino’s gross receipts. The measure was introduced by Representative Joe Souki.

“Do Hawaii residents have enough maturity and self-control for legalized gambling?” said Rep. Tom Brower, House Tourism Chair. “Let’s keep the discussion going. For me, gambling could be a new industry for Hawaii to increase tax revenue and lessen future tax increases on residents. Other world cities show that if gambling is done right, residents benefit; if done wrong, some may suffer.”

WHEN: Monday, February 13, 2012, 9:15 a.m.

WHERE: Hawaii State Capitol, Room 312

2 Responses to “Public hearing in Honolulu to allow a gaming casino in Waikiki”

  1. The Nudnik!!! says:

    May be there IS a God!!!

  2. The Nudnik!!! says:

    There wouldn’t be much incentive to “loosen up those slots” by having ONLY ONE casino!!!

    There would need to several casinos for the competition to be there…


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