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State launches website to aid in mapping internet speeds in Hawaii


HONOLULU – A new website will allow internet users to determine their computer or electronic device’s internet speed and help the state map its broadband coverage as the Abercrombie Administration moves forward with its Hawai’i Broadband Initiative. Participants can take the test at The data collected will assist the state in identifying and closing gaps in service throughout Hawai’i.

“This is a unique opportunity in which citizens can directly help in an important state initiative,” said Governor Abercrombie. “Right now, current technology such as social media allows citizens to share their thoughts with us. As broadband and technology progresses, people will be able to further engage with the state and each other.”
Data collected in 2012 will provide the state’s broadband specialists an important baseline.

“Measuring broadband speeds is pretty tough, but if we can get enough tests coming in from the public over various times of the day and with various amounts of internet traffic, then we can make a good estimation to work from,” noted Broadband Program Specialist Sterling Yee.

To take the test, visit, fill in your current location information, and click “Begin Test.”

Additional Information about the Hawai’i Broadband Initiative

On August 23, 2011, Governor Neil Abercrombie issued an Executive Memorandum on the Hawai’i Broadband Initiative and directed the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs and the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism to lead the effort. Read the memo here:…

The Hawai’i Broadband Initiative has four goals:

  1. Ensure ubiquitous access to world-class gigabit-per-second broadband service at affordable prices throughout Hawai’i.
  2. Increase the use of ultra-high-speed broadband services and applications for economic development, healthcare, education, public safety, governmental efficiency and civic engagement.
  3. Reduce Hawai’i’s barriers to global participation and ensure equitable access for all our islands, including the most remote areas of the state.
  4. Develop and implement a modern regulatory and permitting environment that supports and advances investment in broadband infrastructure and public services.

The Governor also outlined the vision, purpose and goals behind the Hawai’i Broadband Initiative. Click here to learn more:…

Also, Australia is launching its own National Broadband Network. Watch this short video to learn more on their effort:

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