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Foxworthy: West Hawaii Officer of the Month


The Feb. 1, “Officer of the Month” luncheon will feature Officer Jason Foxworthy, a member of the Hawaii Police Department since August 2008 and assigned to the Kona District since June 2009.

On Dec. 21, Foxworthy – while responding to another call – came across a fight in progress between two males on property fronting Magic Sands Beach Park. Unable to wait for back-up, Foxworthy exited his vehicle and went to break up the affray.

The aggressor – a mixed martial arts fighter/trainer associated with B. J. Penn – continued to fight and would not calm down. At that point, Foxworthy decided to go hand to hand and while attempting to gain control of the aggressor by placing him in handcuffs, Foxworthy was kicked repeatedly.

Although Foxworthy deftly blocked a few attacks, he still received hits to his thigh and the side of his upper torso. But, after a six-minute bout of intense fighting, the cuffs were on.

Foxworthy showed a great deal of heart by breaking up the affray, he stepped up to do the right thing.

His selection as Officer of the Month for February, by the Kona Crime Prevention Committee, is well deserved as he sets an example of an officer who embodies the Department’s Mission and Vision Statements by emulating the Core Values.

The Kona Crime Prevention Committee encourages and supports our police department in their efforts to prevent crime, deter potential criminals and enforce our laws. The Committee also provides needed police equipment for use by our Kona District Officers when Department funds cannot support those needs.

The guest speaker will be Will Rolston, Energy Coordinator, County of Hawaii Research and Development who will talk about the County Energy Sustainability Plan and Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative. The lunch sponsor is Ginger Towle.

The public is invited to attend the Officer of the Month luncheons held on the first Wednesday of each month. The cost of the luncheon is $20, all inclusive at the Huggos Restaurant.

Reservations are necessary and may be made by contacting Liz Holey at or phone 443-7708.

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