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Ford to seek new Ka‘u council seat


Brenda Ford has announced she will run for the County Council seat in the new District 6 (Kona, Ka’u and Volcano) in the 2012 election.

“The rural and agricultural areas of Ka’u, North & South Kona, and Volcano lend themselves to having one representative who understands rural and agricultural areas.” Ford said. “Since I have always held an island-wide view in getting projects completed and providing residents and businesses in the more remote areas with better access to government services, I know that I will be able to represent these areas well.”

Ford said,” New Council District 6 is very large area and needs a person who understands agriculture, business, infrastructure, and the need for jobs and services. I have always worked diligently to provide for rural areas throughout the island.

“Council Member Brittany Smart advised me today that she will not be a candidate for Council next term. I commend Ms. Smart for her work in representing her district and working with the Council to advance legislation to help all of our residents. She is highly intelligent, easy to work with, and committed to serving her constituents. I will miss her on the Council next term.

“I committed to Ms. Smart, and I also commit to the residents of the current District 6 that I will continue to work on the projects that Ms. Smart started or continued to support such as: Ocean View transfer station, the Pahala Emergency Shelter and Gym, the Ocean View water well project, and a Ka’u Council Office from which residents may testify by videoconference.

“I am a Council Member who works more than full-time to serve the residents and businesses of my district and all other districts as well. I will continue to work in that manner during the next term if I am elected. This is not a part-time job, and the people need and expect a full-time advocate and Council Member.”

Some of the areas in which I provided legislation or action to assist our county residents are:

Charter Amendments

* Fair and equitable redistricting code (provided to the Charter Commission)

* Special Funds (allows Council or the Administration to establish such funds)

* Special Counsel (allows Council to hire special counsel without authorization of Corporation Counsel)

* 2% Public Access, Open Space, & Natural Resource Fund (PONC- acquire open space lands)

* Maintenance Fund (provides funds for public safety and preservation of open space lands acquired by the PONC fund)

Hawaii County Code (both corrections and new codes)

* Redistricting (fair & equitable council district design)

* Budget Stabilization Fund (sets minimum amount of $250K per year)

* Disaster & Emergency Fund (sets minimum amount of $250K per year)

* DUI Towing (drivers may get their vehicle towed if they are DUI)

Provided Hawaii State Association of Counties and State Legislation:

* Liquor Tax for DUI programs

* Ban aquarium fish collection from our reefs

* Agricultural product branding to protect each Hawaiian region’s identity and products

* Truth-in-labeling for product content by percentage of total

* Country of Origin Labeling (protects agricultural products grown in Hawaii from misuse of our regional names)

* Improve “indigent” definition (allows “partially indigent” definition, sets explicit standards for determination of indigent)

* Vote By Mail (County)

* Vote by Mail (State)

* Sewer exemption (allows up to 10 years to pay sewer fees when a gang cesspool converts to septic)


* Advocated for a police take-home radio policy & funding for radios to enhance officer & resident protection

* South Kona Police 24/7 Station (new station in the only district without one to improve response times)

* Captain Cook Police Substation remodel (provided funds to remodel kitchen to be sanitary and fully functional)

* Kipapa Park acquisition (new park on Alii Drive & additional parking for nearby beaches)

* New crosswalks near Kona Bali Kai Condominiums; working on new parking lot for Banyan’s Beach & pedestrian-controlled signal light for crosswalk

* Continued to advocate for Hokulia to complete bypass road and open it for public use

* Advocated for paving: Seaview Circle Subdivision, Honalo-to-Captain Cook highway, synchronized traffic signal lights on Alii Drive to improve traffic flow

* Advocated for paving & widening shoulders, appropriate striping, and traffic signal light on Alii Drive near Kaleiopapa Drive to protect pedestrian walkers

* Worked with Administration to develop & advocated for federal funds for 26 sewer projects desperately needed in seven districts around the island

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