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Smart declines to seek re-election


Brittany Smart has announced she will not be seeking a second council term at this time, but is keeping her options open for the future.

“Due to personal reasons, I am unable to commit to another two year term at this time. I am honored to serve District 6, but have to think of what’s best for the people,” she said.

Smart, however, expressed her support for Councilmember Brenda Ford for the District 6 seat.

“Ms. Ford is completely dedicated to this job and has my utmost confidence in accurately representing the district,” Smart said. “Ms. Ford is very knowledgeable in issues that face rural areas, such as lack of government access and infrastructure, agricultural issues, and sufficient police presence. Ms. Ford has promised to follow through on any projects that may remain at the end of my term, such as the Pahala Emergency Shelter and Gym, the Ocean View Transfer Station, and last, but not least, a Ka‘u Council office for public testimony.”

Smart wanted to sincerely thank all of her constituents for their support and to assure them that she will continue to diligently advocate for the District for the remainder of her term.

Smart also thanked the council members and the mayor’s administration for their help and support as well.

Lastly, she sent thanks to Gov. Neil Abercrombie for his support, especially in providing the $17.9 million dollars for the Pahala Emergency Shelter and Gym.

3 Responses to “Smart declines to seek re-election”

  1. nosake says:

    This is not good. Ms. Smart needs to campaign, and if she loses so be it. But pulling out after one term is cowardly.

  2. Midnight Rambler says:

    nosake – I don’t see you putting much of your life on hold to run for Council. Or are you just cowardly?

    • nosake says:

      I wouldn’t quit after so many people worked their butts off to get me elected. She’s young and impressionable; she should stick it out. People run for public office because they want to make a difference, not because they need a job.


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