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Fireworks, alcohol not permitted in state parks, forests, harbors


The Department of Land and Natural Resources is reminding the public about safety prohibitions regarding New Year’s celebrations statewide.

“We would like the public to enjoy the New Year’s holiday and asks that people understand for public safety and the protection of our natural and cultural resources that fireworks are prohibited in State Parks, Forests, and Small Boat Harbors,” said William J. Aila, Jr., DLNR chairman.

The DLNR is reminding the public of the following rules that need to be observed:

* Setting off fireworks and consumption of alcohol are prohibited within all state parks, forest reserves, unencumbered lands, and small boat harbors

* All boats, personal watercraft and kayaks are required by federal and state laws to be equipped with approved operational safety equipment. Rules and regulations established by DLNR and the U.S. Coast Guard also prohibit vessel overloading, and boating under the influence of intoxicants.

* All vessels, including thrill craft and kayaks must stay 300 yards away from land based and floating fireworks launch sites for their own safety.

For more information about Hawaii’s cultural and natural resources, and what DLNR is doing to protect these resources, visit:

Have a Safe and Happy New Years.

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