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UH seeks coffee farmers for CBB survey

From Skip Bittenbender, UH Extension Specialist for Coffee, Kava and Cacao:

Aloha Coffee Leaders,

We need more CBB survey responses from farmers. We received 40 responses in the first 24 hours – that’s great, but only a total of 65 in the first week. Its not possible to get every farmer to respond; let’s try to a 100 of the 700 plus growers.

Please remind your members and neighbors about the survey. Even offer to help those farmers without internet access to complete it.

Our goal is to complete the analysis and report back to you before the new year, when sanitary pruning and trapping season arrives.

Below is a link for the on-line survey for coffee farmers and processors to complete about their experience with the Coffee Berry Borer (CBB). The survey is on-line, you need only forward this email or copy the link and send it your coffee organization members.

We are relying on you, the coffee leaders in Hawaii, to see that virtually every coffee growers and processors in the state have an opportunity to complete the survey.

Paste this link in your browser. It will take you to the Survey Monkey website where the survey is located.

Thank you,
H.C. “Skip” Bittenbender, Ph.D.
Extension Specialist for Coffee, Kava and Cacao
Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences
CTAHR- College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources
University of Hawaii at Manoa

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