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Kona Brewing President Davis to keynote Brewbound’s Craft Beer Session in California


Few business stories are more compelling than the trajectory of a small brand growing to a point where it can partner with a larger one to expand its capabilities, distribution, and improve its long-range health. The craft brewing industry has provided a spectacular setting for this drama to unfold over the past two decades, and Mattson Davis, president of Hawaii’s Kona Brewing, knows firsthand what growing a successful independent brewery is all about.

On December 5, Davis will share this knowledge in his keynote speech at the Brewbound Craft Beer Session, to be held at Loews Santa Monica Hotel. In his talk, Davis will address the evolution of Kona Brewing, as well as its transition from being an isolated brand on the Hawaiian Islands producing 3,000 barrels of beer in 1997 to one of the largest craft brewers in the country in 2011, when it will pass 160,000 barrels.

Also in his talk, Davis will address conditions brewers can help create to stand out in a crowded craft beer market. He’ll distinguish between a brewery and a company, drawing upon specific choices he made in helping expand the Kona brand, and the initial partnership with CBA that allowed Kona to really explode on the mainland and to continually outpace the growth of the craft brewing industry. His presentation will address key issues for craft brewers – the battle to own their home markets, how to win product placement, and the overall ways to think strategically when it comes to growing and distinguishing a brand in a crowded market. Finally, Davis will explain his role in the partnership that created sustainability for Kona – its sale to Craft Brewers Alliance last year, for $13.9 million.

Joining Davis will be other high profile craft beer industry speakers at the Brewbound conference. A numbers man with a flair for personal communication, Mattson will also sit on Brewbound’s investment panel following his keynote address on December 5 as well. Those interested in attending may go to:

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