Experts discuss Rat Lungworm Disease at UH-Hilo College of Pharmacy

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Video by David Corrigan | Voice of Stephanie Salazar Big Island Video News

A panel of experts spoke at UH-Hilo’s College of Pharmacy Wednesday (Nov 9) about Rat Lungworm disease. Rat Lungworm is a rare parasitic infection that can be potentially devastating when transferred to humans, leading to coma, agonizing pain and infections.

The disease, which resides in the pulmonary arteries of rats, is transferred to humans when roundworm larvae from infected snails or slugs is ingested.

The panelists included Dr. Rob Cowie from University of Hawaii at Manoa. Pacific Biosciences Research Center; Marlena Dixon, Hawaii Department of Health; Dr. Rob Hollingsworth, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Pacific Basin Area Research Center; Jim Hollyer, University of Hawaii at Manoa Director of Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Program, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources; Kay Howe and Ann Kobsa of Malama O Puna; Dr. Jon Martell, Hilo Medical Center; Dr. Mark Smith via Skype from Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. The moderator was Dr. Sue Jarvi, Associate Professor, UH-Hilo’s College of Pharmacy.

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