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OHA awards $1.8M to five non-profits


The Board of Trustees for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs has awarded $1.8 million in grant money to a combined total of five programs aimed at helping Native Hawaiians improve their health, education and economic self-sufficiency.

The funds cover a two-year period and target programs that are expected to directly benefit an estimated 1,810 Native Hawaiians. Each program will receive between $179,700 and $500,000 over the next two years.

“These programs are directly aligned with OHA’s strategies for improving conditions among Native Hawaiians,” said OHA Chairwoman Colette Machado. “We look forward to seeing the positive results from the role these programs are playing in helping Native Hawaiians not only increase their economic self-sufficiency, but improve their education as well as health.”

Grant money was approved for five organizations:

* I Ola Lahui Inc. — $500,000 over two years to fund a weight-management program designed to help up to 500 Native Hawaiians counter health risks associated with obesity

* Department of Native Hawaiian Health, John A. Burns School of Medicine — $500,000 over two years to fund the Partnerships to Improve Lifestyle Interventions (PILI) Ohana Program, which is expected to help 400 Native Hawaiians gain control of their weight

* Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement — $500,000 over two years to help up to 700 Native Hawaiians increase their economic self-sufficiency. The program calls for providing financial education counseling as well as assisting with building assets and increasing disposable income

* Kauai Community College (University of Hawaii Office of Research Services) — $179,700 over two years to fund the Waialeale Project intended to help instill in about 170 Native Hawaiian high-school students a real interest in attending college. The program reflects OHA’s focus on increasing the college-graduation rate among Native Hawaiians

* Native Hawaiian Student Services (University of Hawaii Office of Research Services) – $180,000 over two years to fund an internship program designed to assist about 40 Native Hawaiian students with their goal to graduate college within a 2-to-4 year timeframe

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs is a unique, independent state agency established through the Hawaii State Constitution and statutes to advocate for the betterment of conditions of all Native Hawaiians, with a Board of Trustees elected by the voters of Hawaii.

OHA is guided by a vision and mission to ensure the perpetuation of the culture, to protect the entitlements of Native Hawaiians, and to build a strong and healthy Hawaiian people and nation.

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