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Akaka introduces legislation to protect the rights of veterans seeking jobs at THE FAA and TSA


Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Daniel K. Akaka (D-Hawaii) introduced legislation today to provide veterans eligible for a federal hiring preference with the right to challenge alleged violations of those preference rights by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

This legislation would correct a court decision (Morse v. MSPB) which concluded that, although FAA and TSA must apply veterans’ preference in hiring, veterans who apply for jobs at FAA and TSA are not entitled to the appeal rights that apply in other agencies. Senator Akaka’s bill would give these veterans the right to appeal alleged violations of their veterans’ preference rights to the Department of Labor, the Merit Systems Protection Board, and federal court.

“As the dedicated men and women who serve in our military return home from overseas, we must support them when they seek to continue their service as civilian federal employees,” said Senator Akaka. “Veterans posses a wealth of training and skill that can be valuable to federal agencies. The FAA, TSA, and all federal agencies must honor the sacrifices made by veterans and their families by complying with veterans’ preference laws.”

Senator Akaka chairs the federal workforce subcommittee and is a member of the Armed Services and Veteans Affairs’ committee.

2 Responses to “Akaka introduces legislation to protect the rights of veterans seeking jobs at THE FAA and TSA”

  1. paniolo says:

    Nice gesture. But it begs the question: who in the heck would want to work for either of these organizations if there were other choices?

  2. karen says:

    Thank you for helping!!
    There are more than just Iraq Veterans not getting work. We are not getting work, because many reasons. Unfair employment practices, where our checks & balances already set forth are not being enforced or checked.
    • Employers not hiring Veterans, discriminating against them using excuses such as disabilities, are from the area that we are at war with & are biased
    • Employers not hiring they are hiring their own, their own group and or organization that they are involved in
    • Too many individuals carrying out actions of discrimination, prejudiced, and intentionally carrying out harm, while being paid to do so
    • Employment agencies sending them out of jobs that are already closed and have already hired
    • Dealing with much medical issues that they couldn’t get medical help, benefits being denied intentionally & those carrying out these deeds are being paid to do so, and services being denied that should have been rendered
    • Because of not getting correct quality medical care in time, not getting legal assistance in a timely manner, and actually having entities, individuals, & organizations carrying out harm and destruction in their lives causing such demise
    Too many are homeless, dying for not getting care in time, coming home & losing everything, not having enough support, and those exploiting them capitalizing, pretending to render services that are not, and real result not being carried out, but abuse and destroying them financially, legally, credit, and all avenues of hope being taken. There even those setting back that creates catastrophes intentionally in their lives just for enjoyment. When you have witnessed this deceit, harm, and intentional destruction in lives that served, protect, and willing to lay their lives down just so we can have a safe fulfilling life. Why has our Country allowed so much harm to their lives? There is too much corruption and biased being allowed to hurt. The abuse must stop and correct those that hold positions that are intentionally harm their lives. It has been going on for far too many years!!!!


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