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Three Ring Ranch online auction fundraiser under way


“Shopping for the Holidays in your PJ’s and Making the Critters Merry”

All proceeds of the auction will go to the care and feeding of the residents and educational programs of Three Ring Ranch.

The ranch’s mission is to positively impact the environment while educating Hawaii’s children about their place in the natural world.

The goal is to assist in the development of an environmentally responsible generation of youth. Ranch staff teach about the fragile ecosystem people impact on a daily basis, while giving visitors a rare chance to see the animals up close.

Injured native animals are brought to us, cared for, and released upon recovery. Exotic animals live out their natural lives at the facility as residents.

All auctions end at 8 p.m. Nov. 12.

On all Adoption listings the animal remains at 3RR. The winner of any adoption listing that reaches the animals one year care cost will be deemed the animals “Godparent.”

A Godparent certificate with the animal’s photo will be mailed to the winning bidder or to the person they select.

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