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Hilo kicks off 100,000 Homes Campaign

A homeless man wakes up under the Suisan bridge in Hilo. (Photo courtesy of Sally Lundburg)


The Downtown Hilo Registry Week marked Hilo’s participation in 100,000 Homes Campaign, a national effort to house 100,000 Homeless by July 2013. Downtown Hilo was the first community to kick off this campaign in Hawaii.

Fifty community volunteers outreached across the Downtown Hilo community for three mornings, Oct. 23-25, to find, identify and survey the area’s homeless. The Downtown Hilo Registry Week created a by-name, photographic registry of local homeless and prioritize the most vulnerable for housing.

More than 100 homeless persons were encountered and more than 80 percent of them completed the surveys in the volunteer’s group effort to assess the homeless’ health and housing needs.

A local coalition of volunteers and community providers spearheaded by HOPE Services Hawaii teamed up with the nationally renowned organization, Community Solutions, and its 100,000 Homes Campaign (

The program has become a national model for reducing/eliminating homelessness. One hundred cities across America have participated in this campaign in it’s inaugural year. The State’s Interagency Council on Homelessness recently adopted this model.

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At HOPE Resource Center, the homeless count. (Photo courtesy of HOPE Services)

Yvonne Valentine volunteering on Day 2. (Photo courtesy of Sally Lundburg)

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  1. George Ronald Adkisson says:

    If the uS had people in Washington that actually knew, what they were doing here upon Earth…there would always be a similar plan coast to coast…and end with 5,000,000 homes for the homeless each year until there were no homeless. They chose instead to fill the jails and prisons with their homeless and march Obama around town somewhere else like George W Bush make some towns in Texas Fat…but I know people better than that and what I read in the article is very impressive and being I am a religious person and a tribal citizen of an Indian tribe here on the American Continent I would only have praise for the ones involved in a human fashion rather than as the political being.


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