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Donations benefits Three Ring Ranch mentor program


Three Ring Ranch in Kona is the recipient of a $5,000 donation from the Hawaii Chapter of the NFL Alumni Association created by the late Herman “Buddy” Clark.

Clark was the founder and president of the Hawaii Chapter of the NFL Alumni and was fostering many positive developments in the organization’s operations. Clark was a lineman for the 1952-57 Chicago Bears and a key figure in luring the Pro Bowl to Hawaii.

He was 58 when he died suddenly of a heart attack in 1989.

“Herman was determined to continue strengthening the chapter’s commitment to youth charities,” said chapter spokesperson Maureen Bond. “He was excited about the prospects of helping and caring for the kids of Hawaii.”

The work Clark began through the NFL Alumni Association focuses on youth and providing alternatives to gangs and drugs and provides incentives and motivation for academic achievement and the demonstration of positive behavior.

The Three Ring Ranch’s “Afterschool Mentor Program” does just that. Children from age 11 and up become animal caretakers. Each group of children learns the skills to care for and understand a wide variety of animal residents at the Sanctuary.

Once they have demonstrated the ability to do a task they become the instructors. This builds positive self-esteem and teaches the students to better communicate with their peers.

Graduates go on to become better students in school and more constructive members of society.

Some of the Three Ring Ranch afterschool mentor graduates are now studying to become nurses, doctors, scientists, veterinarians and educators.

“This very kind donation will allow the Three Ring Ranch to accept additional children into the afterschool mentoring program in Buddy’s name. The children will learn compassion, responsibility and respect, something that will continue to forever honor Buddy’s memory.” said the facility’s curator, Ann Goody. “We can announce openings at the schools and accept new students right away and we hope that our work will merit continued support from the NFL Alumni Association.”

For more information about the Three Ring Ranch Afterschool Mentor Program, contact Goody at

For more information about the NFL Alumni, Hawaii Chapter, contact Bond at

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