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Donkey Mill Talk Story Festival, Aloha Style Potluck (Oct. 16)

* Donkey Mill Art Center’s Main Building
4-7 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 16
Admission: $12 per family

Four storytellers will enchant the audience with modern fairy tales, morality tales, peace stories, historical characterizations and personal tall tales.

According to Eric Wolf, from Ohio, Winner of a 2010 National Oracle Award from the National Storytelling Network, “These stories all have one common theme to them – they teach children to have a magical, mystical and imaginative world view.”

Other featured artists include Jo Radner from Maine, the wise elder of American storytelling, Jeff Gere, founder of the Oahu Talk Story Festival and Shain Miller, unique twenty-something proprietor of Chinatown’s One King Art Center in Honolulu.

These artists are participating in the 23rd Annual Talk Story Festival sponsored by the Honolulu Parks Department.

The Donkey Mill Art Center is co-hosting the Hawaii Island tour along with East Hawaii Cultural Center and Volcano Art Center. Come lend an ear to see what they’ll say.

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