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Ironman: Kona Time! (trivia and more)

(Kevin Mackinnon has more trivia and an update on our coverage of the Ironman World Championship)

We’re now a day away from the official start of our coverage of the Ironman World Championship and we’re looking forward to our best week of coverage yet.

It all starts Monday morning, so stay tuned for our great lineup that includes everything from age group and pro race previews, guides on what to do in Kona, lottery profiles and an inside look at the inner workings of Ironman.

Greg Welch and I will be doing our usual Ironman Radio shows, Lee Gruenfeld has his always-entertaining columns and we’ll also be doing live updates from around Kona all week long.

It promises to be a great week – it always is in Kona.

To whet your appetite, I have one more round of trivia questions for you all.

Give yourself a point for every correct answer: 20 = perfect score. 15 = Ironman super fan. 12 = Ironman fan. 9 = NBC watcher. Fewer than 9 points means it’s time to read Bob Babbitt’s book: “30 Years of the Ironman World Championship.”

(And no, there are no entries to the World Championship available if you answer every question correctly. Just a sense of pride that you’re an Ironman nut.)

Ironman Trivia Quiz, Round 2:

1) We all know that Natascha Badmann, Mark Allen and Dave Scott are six-time winners of the Ford Ironman World Championship. (Paula Newby-Fraser, of course, has eight wins.) Can you name the athletes who have won three Ironman World Championship titles? Can you name the athletes who have won twice?

2) Who was the first person inducted into the Ironman Hall of Fame?

3) In what year was the race held twice? Who were the winners of the second race held that year? What sport had the women’s winner competed in at the Olympics?

4) Speaking of Olympians, what Olympic gold medalist also finished in the top-five (twice) at the Ironman World Championship? What country was she born in? What country did she represent in Kona and at the Olympics?

5) What was the first year prize money was offered at the Ironman World Championship? How much?


1) 3X: Peter Reid and Chrissie Wellington. 2X: Sylviane Puntous, Scott Tinley, Erin Baker, Lori Bowden, Luc van Lierde, Timothy DeBoom, Normann Stadler, Chris McCormack and Craig Alexander.

2) Dave Scott

3) 1982. Dave Scott and Julie Leach. Julie was an Olympic kayaker.

4) Kate Allen. Australia. Austria.

5) 1986. $100,000

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